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Amazing first-time buyer experience!
If you're stopping by this dealership, ask for Jeremy Nguyen by name! Having this as my first car purchase, I’m truly impressed. Jeremy was a pleasure to work with and provided incredible service. I gave him the list of Ford Escape models I was interested in and he took the time to suggest ones that were not even on my radar. After test driving a few, I chose a 2014 Ford Escape SE AWD and he went out of his way to negotiate a good deal. He has a great attitude, doesn't put pressure on a sale and definitely elevated the car-buying experience.
Excellent service! Exceeded my expectations!
Absolutely excellent service! I started chatting with an Internet sales person on the Key West Ford Website. shortly after, I received an email with a personalized video from the Internet sales manager, Ryan Leverette, which answered all of my questions regarding pricing and financing. I came in for a testdrive the next day. My sales rep, Victor Harrison, was very friendly, enthusiastic and passionate about the product. He was able to answer all of my questions regarding the truck, and took his time to show me every other trim level possible. The next day, he showed up on his own time, to complete the sale and answer all of my questions. Through out this process, I felt no pressure to make a decision. There was a lot of attention to detail. Everything was ready on time and exactly as promised. Thank you Key West Ford
Made my first dealership purchase pleasant
Awesome service, very friendly, and will give you advice that's actually helpful along with a huge inventory. Wont screw you around and know when to get down to business. Would buy from here again especially from Robert.
Got a fair deal
not too pushy down to earth and easy to talk to and understands their cars and helpful with everything else you need to know they had a good selection of cars and trucks next time I might buy a new one
Very Professional and Efficient
I would like to thank the staff at Key West Ford for looking after our fleet needs. I contacted Key West through the chat line where all the information of the vehicle I was interested in was noted and was told that I would be contacted shortly. Within a very short time I had a call from Krysten Stanick who answered all my question and took all further particulars of the vehicle that we were interested in adding to our fleet . She then followed up shortly to inquire if there was anything else she could help with,. I found her to be very professional, courteous and more than happy tp provide any additional information to help me in my choice. I would also like to point out the great service I received from Kam Sobhani and FlynnYeo, our purchase requirement were quite urgent as one of the vehicle was going on a job site and was required ASAP , all came through with flying colors. As we replace our aging fleet I will not hesitate to contact Krysten, Kam or Flynn for assistance.
My Experience with Key West Ford
My Saleman was Michael Nokes from Keywest Ford in New Westminster. I found Mr Nokes to be very knowledgeable and courteous. Mr Nokes showed me every vehicle with different options in the Model I was considering buying. Mr Nokes was very patient and help me deceide which options I wanted. Keywest Ford did not have this particular vehicle in stock. Mr Nokes then researched other dealers and found one with exactly the options I requested and brought the 2016 F150. I found Mr Nokes to be very patient and fair.
New vehicle delivery
I ordered my Ford Explorer Sport from the factory back in April 2016. The service I received from the moment I ordered to the time of delivery was exceptional. I was kept informed through the whole process. I would recommend Key West Ford to anyone looking for a New or Used Vehicle. Thank you, Michael Nokes and Ryan Leverette for your exceptional help through the whole process. Frank Saville
no pressure sales
I purchased a used vehicle from Key West Ford and the experience was vary pleasant. I was never pressured to make a close and once I set my final offer the sale was processed quickly and efficiently. I was driving my new vehicle home with in 2 hours.
no pressure , no hassel , sales team
delt with many of the sales people, and found them courtious, friendly, and straight forward to deal with, that was very important to me and my family, i could trust the sales team to find or recomend vehicles as quick as they could find them for my son as well. Because of that service, both my son and i purchased paint and undercoat protection from the dealer as well.
Key West Ford Blogs - Service
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ford the works inspection vancouver bcThe new year began so promisingly - a happy blend of post-holiday cheer and achievable resolutions. 2016, you decided, would be a series of accomplishments.

Instead it’s become a series of car troubles. Your engine rattles; your brakes squeak; and your tires threaten to shake from their rims, their alignments causing you to veer off even the straightest paths. This... is not good.

The Key West team recommends seeking out The Works.

This exclusive Ford service package helps every driver identify, correct, and avoid vehicle complications. It utilizes a multi-point inspection process to verify the stability (and condition) of:

Brake Pads.
Air-Conditioning and Heating Systems.
Wheel Alignments.
Tire Treads.
Charger and Battery.
Oil Filters.
... and more.

Through precise examinations, our diagnostic experts assess every Ford make and model - creating custom solutions for all drivers and all budgets. The Works is a comprehensive package that promotes improved performance and long-lasting efficiency; and, for only $69.95, you can find it at our lot.

Don’t start the new year with an old engine. Schedule a service appointment today!

Get ‘The Works’ From Ford This Halloween

(Posted on Oct 28, 2013 at 06:43AM by Lee Byard)

ford dealer bcHalloween is coming. 

Ghosts, goblins and black cats are going to flood the streets. Mayhem and mischief are guaranteed, and every neighborhood is going to share in the spooky fun. 

Make sure that your car is up to the challenge of October 31st. Get The Works.

Key West Ford delivers exceptional service this season. Visit us for a comprehensive 83 point inspection. Our trained technicians will test belts, hoses, fluid levels and more. They’ll examine every component and maximize your vehicle’s abilities. They’ll even provide you with a report card, detailing every alignment and repair. Your Ford will soon be in pristine condition.

Halloween is an excuse for tricks and treats, not poor driving. Get The Works now.

Visit Key West Ford today!

Choose The Key West Ford Service Team For All Maintenance Concerns

(Posted on Aug 26, 2013 at 06:19AM by Lee Byard)

bc ford dealersYou love your Ford. It offers the rare combination of style, precision and speed. It’s as dependable as it is fierce, and you want nothing more than to race down the open road.

All of that racing will come to an end, however, if you fail to properly maintain your car.

It’s essential, therefore, to visit Key West Ford. We offer comprehensive services to every driver, inspecting engines, treads, pads and more. Our certified technicians follow a strict 83 point regimen. This ensures that any potential concerns are found immediately, rather than when you’re stranded on a highway. 

We know these cars because we sell these cars - from the timeless Mustang to the family-friendly Focus, the rugged F150 to the sporty Fiesta. Our dealership promotes quality vehicles and quality service.

Let us provide the maintenance you need. Visit Key West Ford to discover all available specials.

ford dealers bcThe summer is coming to an end - but you’re not quite ready to let the season fade. Instead you want one final trip, driving across the country in a salute to fast speeds and fun. The only things you need are a map, your Ford... and a full-service performance check.

Key West Ford admires your need to explore. We simply recommend visiting us before you go. Ask for The Works

This comprehensive program utilizes an 83 point inspection, analyzing everything from belt qualities to fluid levels. We carefully examine your car, making the necessary adjustments and helping to increase performance. The Works maximizes your engine capabilities and fuel economy - which makes every trip easier.

Our trained technicians will even include oil and filter changes, ensuring that your car is as reliable as your vacation plans. 

Visit Key West Ford today to learn more about The Works. Be certain to ask about our Diesel program as well, if your Ford Super Duty requires more specialized care.

Bi-Annual Battery Checkups Recommended For Ford Drivers

(Posted on May 30, 2013 at 06:46AM by Lee Byard)

A Ford vehicle is known for reliable mechanics. Even the most carefully crafted engine, however, will fail in the wake of a poorly maintained battery.

bc ford dealers

A battery is not glamorous. Few drivers spare it a thought, choosing instead to focus their attentions on finding the best deals on used autos. They scour automall Ford lots for cars that are as powerful as they are stylish.

True power demands a properly working battery, however, and that is only achieved through bi-annual checks.

Visit a reputable dealership, like Key West Ford or Brown Bros Ford, that can service cars regularly. Have the battery tested, noting voltage, cable conditions and more. Look for potential water damage, such as lime build-up or mineral deposits. Make sure there are no signs of corrosion along the terminals or ends. Be certain to examine the regulator and alternator as well to ensure total operating capacity. 

The average battery spans five years of consistent driving. Without maintenance, however, that time is drastically reduced, forcing individuals to suffer from stalled engines and costly repairs. Even signature Ford vehicles, like the Fusion or the Transit Connect, will falter.

Bi-annual checks are vital, therefore. Contact Key West Ford to learn more about service options.

Choosing Winter Tires for Ford Vehicles

(Posted on Jan 29, 2013 at 04:31PM by Lee Byard)

The weather begins to shift, all traces of heat stolen, all hours a little darker. Winter will soon arrive... and with it comes the promise of snow on the roads.

This is for certain, no cause for concern. You’ve endured this process so many times and you’ve learned how to prepare: your brakes have been properly rotated; the oil has been changed; the engine has been flushed to ensure precision. No black ice will be your undoing--not when you’ve already had your all-season tires calibrated for your Ford. They’ll get you through this.

Except... they might not.

Winter weather takes a toll on more than your patience. It instead demands much from your car, and all-season tires may not be up to the challenges of ice, sleet and snow.

Winter Tires: Understanding the Need

All-season tires are a common choice for Ford trucks and cars. They’re not always the right choice, however. As the weather changes, you need complete protection--and winter tires provide that.

As the name implies, winter tires are designed for the season. They boast innovative treads, as well as resilient materials, that allow them to perform even in the wake of extreme temperatures. They are intended purely for the winter. 

All-season tires, however, aren’t.

The All-Season Difference

An all-season tire seems like an easy decision for drivers. This option promises convenience: its grip is reliable; its treading is long-lasting. This spares individuals the annoyance of constant maintenance (as well as the need to visit automotive repair shops for realignments). 

The great advantage of all-season tires is their flexibility. It’s also, however, their great flaw.

These tires are too accommodating. They lack the specific requirements needed for certain temperatures and environments. They are instead completely and utterly... standard. And, as the climate changes, their abilities weaken--often to the point of causing skidding, sliding and collisions. This makes them a danger and not a solution. 

Winter Tires: Essential 

Choosing winter tires is necessary for all Ford vehicles. Visit a body shop and have all-season options replaced as soon as the weather begins to change. This is the only way to combat snow properly.

Protect yourself and your Key West Ford car.

Driving the Right Way: Wheel Alignment for Ford Vehicles

(Posted on Jan 29, 2013 at 04:11PM by Lee Byard)

Sleek lines and effortless curves: your Ford car is a tribute to style. The chrome shimmers; the body shines. Every mile seems somehow better as you drive.

Every mile will soon seem dangerous, however, if your wheels are not aligned.

Understanding Wheel Alignment

It’s all too easy to overlook wheels. They are, after all, unimpressive when compared to the rest of a Ford car. Their necessity, however, can’t be denied--and all drivers must make sure they are properly aligned at all times.

Simply explained, wheel alignment is when all four tires are evenly calibrated. The chassis follows manufacturer specifications and the wheels all spin in the same direction.

The Importance of Alignment

Alignment is not a glamorous process. Drivers often ignore it, assuming that maintenance isn’t needed. Wheels, after all, should remain in tact. They lack the fickleness of brakes or filters, and they don’t demand constant supervision like engines or oil.

The truth, however, is that tires often shift--whether from faulty casters, rolling cambers or other countless causes. A simple burst of friction may undo a car’s alignment, and the result is enough to send any vehicle to the body shop

It may also be enough to cause a collision. Vehicles suffering from improper alignment can experience:

Uneven tire wear
Loose steering
Sudden pulls to the left or right
Loss of traction

This puts both drivers and passengers at risk, and it must be avoided. 

Scheduling an Alignment

All wheels must be carefully calibrated. Knowing when to have this done, however, can prove challenging.

Most Ford models require servicing after 6000 miles of daily driving. Should a collision occur, however, they must be checked immediately. 

Have this process performed in a body shop. It is recommended that drivers also take advantage of full service check-ups at this time to ensure total safety.

Choose a Key West Ford vehicle; maintain the wheels; reap the rewards.

Maintaining Ford Vehicles: The Need for Proper Care

(Posted on Jan 29, 2013 at 03:56PM by Lee Byard)

Your car is without flaw. The engine will forever work; the tires will remain steady in their treads; and every mechanical element will stay precise, sparing you the worries of high bills and automotive shop repairs.

This is a common dream. It never, however, becomes a reality.

Every vehicle (even Ford options) is a victim of time, with its components weakening with use and years. 

Extending the life of a car--and eliminating worries of costly body shop repairs--is possible, though. You simply must follow a maintenance schedule.
Manufacturer Maintenance: Understanding the Schedule

Exceptional performance demands exceptional care: this is the cornerstone of Ford car maintenance and a manufacturer schedule helps to make that maintenance less confusing. 

Every element--from filters to rotors, cooling systems to ignition switches--requires constant, and thorough, support. Knowing when and how to apply that support can prove problematic, however. Many drivers lack a mechanic’s perspective, are unable to determine when their vehicles need more than gasoline.

A manufacturer schedule seeks to simplify the process. It details the requirements of every model, highlighting every change, replacement and rotation. This streamlines maintenance for the novice and offers step-by-step instructions.

Following the Schedule: The Importance of Care

Your car is more than a collection of pipes and valves. It’s instead a necessity. Losing it to a sputter of spark plugs, therefore, is unacceptable.

This is why following a maintenance schedule is important: you must routinely check, adjust and fix your vehicle. This is the only way to avoid sudden failure. 

The Maintenance List: Common Fixes

Each Ford manufacturer schedule is unique, determined by a car’s model, make and trim. There are certain similarities to find, however, and many of these can be accomplished at home:

Oil Change: An oil change is recommended for every 3000 miles. 

Air Filter Replacement: An air filter should be replaced after 20,000 miles.

Tire Rotation: Each tire should be rotated to encourage even treading. This should be done every 5000 miles for vehicles that are driven daily.

Brake Pads: Brake pads should never be less than 1/8 of an inch thick. They should be checked once a month for measuring.

Engine Flush: An engine flush is a removal of excess fluids. It is recommended for every 35,000 miles.

Utilizing these strategies helps to keep every Ford vehicle running as it’s meant to. Choose the perfect Key West Ford option and then give it the care it deserves.

Win Ford Winter Safety Package

(Posted on Oct 4, 2012 at 05:07PM )

Enter for a Chance to Win a Ford Winter Safety Package!

Although fall has just arrived, winter is not far off. There's nothing worse than getting stuck in the snow, wheels a spinnin'. This year, you can stay ahead of the game by entering to win a personalized winter safety package from Ford. Valued at $1,800 this safety package includes brand name wheels, rims, and tire pressure monitoring sensors designed by Ford, for your Ford. Whether you're planning a skiing trip to Whistler or visiting family in the Okanagan, you don't want to be caught unprepared. This is the contest of the season!

Click here to fill out an entry form for this season's contest and you could be the lucky winner of an all inclusive winter safety package.

This contest is only open to Ford and Lincoln owners. Contest ends December 15, 2012.

6.7L Diesel Check Engine light NOx recall

(Posted on Apr 16, 2012 at 12:40PM by Key West Ford Service)


 Copyright 2012 Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited Ford du Canada Limitée The Canadian Road P.O. Box 2000 Oakville, Ontario L6J 5E4







At Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited (Ford) it has been our goal for more than 100 years to provide customers with high-quality, dependable products. In order to maintain these standards, Ford is providing a no charge Customer Satisfaction Program (Program Number 12B33) for your vehicle, with the Vehicle Identification Number shown above.



What is the issue?

On your vehicle, the Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Sensor in the exhaust system may become inoperative and cause the Check Engine Light to turn on. If the NOx sensor is inoperative, engine power may be reduced under some conditions.

What will Ford and your dealer do?

In the interest of customer satisfaction, Ford has authorized your dealer to reprogram your Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and NOx Sensor Module, and if necessary, replace your NOx Sensor free of charge (parts and labour) under the terms of this program.

This Customer Satisfaction Program will be in effect until April 30, 2013 regardless of distance travelled. Coverage is automatically transferred to subsequent owners.



How long will it take?

The time needed for this repair is less than 2 hours. However, due to service scheduling requirements, your dealer may need your vehicle for a longer period of time. In addition, your vehicle will require inspection prior to determining if parts need to be ordered.



What should you do?

Please call Key West Ford at 604-528-4463 without delay and request a service date for Customer Satisfaction Program 12B33. Provide the dealer with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your vehicle. The VIN is printed near your name at the beginning of this letter.

If you do not already have a servicing dealer, you can access for dealer addresses, maps, and driving instructions.

Ford wants you to have this service action completed on your vehicle. The vehicle owner is responsible for making arrangements to have the work completed. Ford Motor Company can deny coverage for any vehicle damage that may result from the failure to have this service action performed on a timely basis. Therefore, please have this service action performed as soon as possible.